Welcome to Genesee Valley Photography Society

Member of the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club

The photo club meets on the first and third Thursday from September 1 through April.

Meetings are held at the Central Presbyterian Church at 31 Center Street in Geneseo, right across from the Wadsworth Library at 7:00 - 9:00 (Unless otherwise noted). 

Visitors are always welcome to attend a meeting. For more club info go to membership (under the "Organization" tab) on the pull down menu 

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Benefits of Membership

Genesee Valley Photography Society offers members: 
  • Opportunities to improve skills through participation in informational programs, four [4] critique nights with outside judges and one-on-one contact with experts in various types of photography
  • Opportunities to participate in regional photography events and conferences
  • Opportunities for hands on learning experiences designed to sharpen all levels of photographic skills   
  • Positive professional critique of prints and projected images to assist in learning and improving photographic skills
  • Fellowship with others who share your appreciation for and desire to improve on photographic skills
  • Unique opportunity to have creative use of photo editing techniques critiqued monthly



Dwight Folts



Vice President: Rich Engelbrecht
(585)259-3881 VicePresidentGVPS@gmail.com

Gina Flint


Secretary: Karen Kennedy (585)764-7327 SecretaryGVPS@gmail.com
Image Chair:

Rich Engelbrecht

(585)259-3881 ImageChairGVPS@gmail.com
Events Chair: Dwight Folts
(585)455-6983 eventschairGVPS@gmail.com

Program Schedule 2019-2020

 Date  Activity Date
Sept. 8  Awards Picnic – Livingston County Park, Mt Morris 5pm 

Sept. 19

 Intro to club with an explanation of programs and our affiliation

with the NFRCC; find out their expectations are and what skill level they have. 

Get to know your Camera.

Feb. 2
  Images Due for NFRCC Competition
Oct. 3

Ansel Adams Presentation – delivered by his friend, Gordon Brown

                 Review by Gordon Brown of last club competition
Feb. 6

Photographing Waterfalls

Posing Techniques

Oct. 16  Image submission due: Competition #1
  Images due: NFRCC Competition #4
Oct. 17  Photo Review – external Judge. Feb.20
 Photo Review – external Judge.
Nov. 3  Images Due for NFRCC Competition
Mar. 1
Images Due for NFRCC Competition
Nov. 7

 Discussion of Photoshop Elements

Introduction to LR basics

Mar. 5
Focus Stacking

Using filters in LR, PS, Topaz, etc.

 Nov. 9

 Seminar: Vision Beyond Seeing Presenter: Don Komarechka

See NFRCC.ORG for more information.

Mar. 19
 Club project – Assignment story telling vs photographs.

Creating a story online or creating a book.

 Nov. 20
  Image submission due: Competition #2
Apr. 2

 Member presentation - Storytelling with images.

 Nov. 21  Photo Review – external Judge Apr. 5

 Golden Horseshoe Competition deadline for submissions

Nov. 23

 NFRCC-OCCC Inter Region Competition -OCCC is Hosting

– Potential Location – Hamilton, Ontario

Apr. 16
Dec. 5
National Parks Photography – Herb Jones – retired Kodak photographer
Apr. 24-26

 Can/Am Photo Expo at

 Sheraton on the Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Dec. 19
  Christmas Party – Member Mini Show – show off your favorite images
May 7 Drone Photography - with demonstrations of different drones
Jan. 5
 Images Due for NFRCC Competition
May 20
 Images due:End of Year Competition
Jan. 9
 Theater Photography
May 21

 Final Review of Photos with Three Judges.

Input/Questions for next year from all members, election of officers

Image of the year chosen by members.  Online voting

 Jan. 22   Images due: NFRCC Competition #3 June (TBA)
 Awards Picnic
 Jan. 23
 Photo Review – external Judge. 

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